Weekly Mock New Batch

Math                  Profit Loss, Percentage

Economics        RBI

Geography       Neighbouring countries,  National park

History             Muslim invadors

Physics            Unit & Measurement

Chemistry       Chemical bonding

Constitution  Historical background



1. A bookseller sold 500 copies of a book at a profit of 20 %. If he gains a profit of Rs. 5/book, what is the cost price of the book?
2. If the profit on an article is equal to one third of the selling price of an article, find the profit percentage.
3. Ascertain the profit earned during the year, when the capital is increased by Rs. 50,000 and drawings by Rs. 7,500.
4. A person sold a clock at Rs. 460 to earn 15% profit. What was his cost price?
5. Rahul sold his watch for Rs. 3200 and gained Rs. 400. Find the cost price of the watch.
6. A shopkeeper bought 24 eggs for Rs.32. For how much should he sell one egg to gain 50 percent?
7. Amit loses the selling price of 5 books on selling 35 books. His loss percentage is
8. The Selling Price of an article is 3/4th of the Cost Price of the article. Find the loss percentage.
9. What is the profit earned if a sweater costing Rs.800 is sold for a profit percentage of 43% 
10. Mumtaz bought a microwave oven for Rs. 9000. She sold it at a profit of 15%. What was the selling price of the microwave oven?
11. Rahul purchased a jacket for Rs 500 while its original price was Rs 700. He also purchased a shirt for Rs 200, the cost price of which was Rs 400. Calculate the total profit Rahul made.
12. Rahul purchased a jacket for Rs 500 while its original price was Rs 700. He also purchased a shirt for Rs 200, the cost price of which was Rs 400. Calculate the total profit Rahul made.
13. Kurush sells his camera such that the cost price of the camera is 20% of its selling price. What is Kurush’s profit percentage?
14. On which commission’s recommendations; Reserve Bank of India was established?
15. Which of the following is not the work of RBI?
16. Who mints the coins in India?
17. When was R.B.I. nationalised?
18.  How long does the accounting year of the Reserve Bank of India come from?
19. The Kaziranga wild life sanctuary is located at
20. The Gir National Park and wild life sanctuary is located at
21. The Sariska wild life sanctuary is located at
22. The Aralam wild life sanctuary is located at
23. Who was the father of Mahmud Ghaznavi?
24. During Mahmud expedition of invasion, who got first defeat in Peshawar?
25. Who was the ruler of Multan at the time of Mahmud invasion?
26. Which invasion of Mahmud appreciated by Caliph and called Mahmud as Star of Islamic World?
27. Which one of the following is not a form of chemical bonding?
28. Which one of the following pairs atoms is most likely to form an ionic bond? 
29. Aluminium is in Group III. Its oxide will have the formula... 
30. The structure normally associated with ionic bonding is... 
31. What is the unit for measuring the amplitude of a sound?
32. One fathom is equal to
33.  Light year is a measurement of
34. One kilometer is equal to how many miles?
35. Bar' is the unit of
36. How many Dynes are there in 1 gram weight?
37. The instrument used in IC Engine to charge air with fuel vapour is:
38. The instrument used in aircrafts to measure the altitude above a fixed level is:
39. By which among the following acts, the East India Company lost its monopoly of trade with China?
40. The Constituent Assembly of India was step up under the framework of?
41.  Which of the following are the features of the Regulating Act of 1773?

1) It is provided for the establishment of Supreme Court at Calcutta (1774).
2) It created executive council for Governor General of Bengal.
3) It made the governors of Bombay and Madras presidencies subordinate to the Governor General of Bengal.
4) It established Board of Control for managing Political Affairs.
42. Which of the following leaders are correctly matched to their portfolios in the first cabinet of free India?

1) Sardar Baldev Singh - Defense
2) Dr. Rajendra Prasad - Food and Agriculture
3) Dr. John Mathai - Finance
43.  What were the salient features of Government of India Act 1935?

1) Federation and provincial autonomy
2) Dyarchy at the centre
3) Abolition of dyarchy in the state
44. Which of the following is/are true?

1) Simon Commission which was appointed in 1927, submitted its report in 1930, which suggested abolition of dyarchy.
2) The Poona Pact was a reaction to the Simon Commission and its Report.
45.  Which of the following is/are true regarding the Government of India Act, 1919?

1) It abolished dyarchy introduced by 1909 Morley Minto reforms.
2) It introduced direct elections in the country.
46.  Which of the following is/are true regarding the Charter Act of 1853?

1) Act of 1853 was last of the Charter Acts and that made Governor-General of Bengal as the Governor-General of India.
2) It combined the legislative and executive functions of the Governor-General’s council.
47. Capital city of Nepal is
48. Currency of Mayanmar is
49. Capital of afganisthan is
50. The telescope is used for viewing